This book, a project of ZigZag, proudly presents the photography of Karl Houtteman and the poetry of Paul Soete.

ZigZag, in this book, brings together two Belgian artists and celebrates two art forms. Through photography and poetry, Karl and Paul share their vivd ideas and stories. This is not a book, however, where the poems explain Karl's photographs or, conversely, where the photos visualize Paul's poems. This book is simply about taking you on a journey of artistic discovery.

As you turn the pages, you may be suprised by the placement of the words and images. To read some of Paul's poems, for example, you will need to change the book's orientation. Turning the book may bring a new perspective, encourage you to view Karl's photographs differently, and reveal new details and colours. In this way, you take on the role of an active participant and not just a passive onlooker. The journey, thereby, becomes personal.

Karl took every photograph in this book along the shores of Ostend. The variation in colours and textures are dictated by the time of day, the season, the weather, and the rise and fall of the tides, and are created entirely "in-camera" through multiple exposure, shifting timeframes and spaces in one image. Karl's photos, regardless of subject matter, are created with the intention to inspire emotions, thoughts, and memories.